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The Sincere Convert. as it is with a poor man that is to go over a great water for a treafure on theother fide, though he cannot fetch the boat, he calls for it; and though there be no treafure in the boat, yet he ufeth the boat to carry him over to the treafure : So Chrift is in Heaven, and thou on earth, be doth not come to thee, and thou cani not go to him ; now call for a beat; though there is no grace,no good, no falvati- on, in a pithlefs duty, yet ufe it to carry thee over to the Treafure, the Lord efts Chrift. When thou comeft to hear, fay, Have over Lord by this Sermon ; when thou comeft to pray, fay, Have over Lord by this prayer to a S4viour. But this is the niiferyofpeo- ple, like foolifh lovers when they are to woe for the Lady they fall in love with her Hand-maid that is only to lead them to her : fo men fall in love with,& doteupon their own duties, and ref}contented with the naked per-, formance of them,which are only hand-maids to lead the foul unto the Lord jefùs Chrift. Secondly, ufe duties as evidences of Gods everlafing love toyou,whenyou be in Chrift ; for the graces and duties ofGods people : al- though they be not caufes, yet theybe tokens and pledgesof falvation toone in Chrift : they do not fave a man but accompany and fol. low fuch a man as íhall be Paved, ifeb. 6. 9. Let a man boaft of his joyes, feeling, gifts, fbirit,grlace,ifbewal,k in the commifliion ofany one fin,o.r the omiflion ofanyoneknownduty, or in the flovenly ill-favoured performance of duties, this man, I fay, can have no alit ranee z75 Mars per- (tic ion is of him felf. a.o°yy CScod du- tics are the means by vthich we come to JeCus Chrift. f; `Ufe 2. Good du- ties are e- vidences of Gods love to us inQuill)