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174 ans per" wepray any more then ? let us caa offall du- r r tion is of j himfelf. ; ties ,if all are to no purpofe to fave us,as good play for nothing as work for nothing. iinfw. Though thy good dutiescannot rave thee, Good du- yet thy bad works will damn thee. Thou art tits not to I therefore not to cafe off the duties, but thy be tali off, reline in there duties: thou art not to ca[t them ibut our e r iun up. wig ,but to cart them down at the feet of Jefus on them. Chrifl, as they did their Crowns, Rev.4. t o, F I. flying, if there be any good or grace in there duties ,it's thine,Lord : for tis the Princes favòur that exalts a man, not his own gifts ; they came from hisgood pleafure. Ob ell. But thouwilt fay, to what end fhould I per- form duties, if I cannot be Paved by them ? Anfw. For there three ends. -Vre i . r . To carry thee to the Lord7efw the only We areto Saviour, Heb. 7. 25. he only is able to f Ve perform good ( not duties)all that eome unto Cod(that is in ties for ) the of means by him. Hear a Sermon to ufe three ends. carry thee to Jefus thrift : Fart and pray , E. To and get a full tide ofalfedions in them to bring us carry y thee to the Lord ? e acs Chrt : that ro Crtí. is to get more love him, , more ac- quitance with him , more union with him : fo forròw for thy fins , that thou mayef be more fitted for Christ, that thou m.ayeft prize Chrill the more ; ufe thy du- ties as No. hs Dove did her wings, to carry thee to the Art, of the Lord 7e fus Chrift where there is rel. I£Ihe had never ufed her wings, the bad fallen into the wa- ters : fo if thou thalt ufe no duties, but caft 1 .hem all off; thou art lure to perith. Or as TheSincere Convert .