Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

178 Mans per- dition is of hiníelf, Eafier converting a man in India,then inEngland, A precious fahh got at à. high rate, WhileGod isfilent,we may think we tru it in him ; but when he appears in this word, it will otherwile. The Sincere Convert. him (like duft'on a mans coat,whom God will thake off, or like burrs and bryerscleaving to ones garment, Which the Lord will trample under foot) now fay they, they thank God, they have got comfort by this means and though God killeth them, yet they will truft unto him, Mich. 3. I I . It is in this refpett a harder matter to convert man in England, than in the I ndia,for there they have no fuck fhifcs and forts againft our Sermons, to fay they beleeve inChrift already, as molt amongft us do we cannot rap off mens fingers from catching hold on Chrift before theyare ft for him ; like a company of theeves in, the fireet, you 'ball fee a hundred hands fcrambling for a jewel that is fallen there,that have leaft, nay, nothing todowith it. Every man faith almof, I hope Chrift is mine, I put my whole troll. and confidence in him, andwill not be beaten from this What mutt a min defpair ? mutt not a man truft un- toChrift? thus menwill hope and truft though they have no ground,no"graces to prove they may lay hold and claim unto Chrift. This hope feared out ofhis wits, damns thoufands : for I am perfwaded,ifinen did fee themfelvesChrifl lefs creatures ,as well asfinful creatures, they would cry out,Lordwhat 'hall I do to befaxed? This faith is a precious faith, z `Pet. I.z.Pre cious things coft much, and we-fet them at a high rate ifthy . faith be fo, it bath colt thee many a Prayer, many a fob, many a fait tear. But ask moft men -how they came by their faith in Chrift.; they fayvery eafily ; when the Lion