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*./.0aarewooll... The sincere Convert. 179 Lion lleeps,a man may lie and fleep by it ; but, mans Of when it awakens, woe to that man that dothl d ition is of hcclf fo : fo while God is filent and patient, thou . rnayef befool thy felf with thinking thou daft mill unto God; but woe to thee when the Lord appears in his wrath, as one day he will, for by vertue of this falfe faith, menfinniq, take Chrift for a diAcloot to wire them clean again, and that is all the ufe they have of this faith. They fin indeed; but they truft unto Chrift for his mercy,and fo lie flat in their fins: God will revenge with blood and fire, and plagues, this horrible contempt from Heaven. Hence many of you truft to Chrift, as the Aprieock tree that leans againft the wall, but it's fall rooted in the earth : fo you lean upon Chrift for falvation, but you are rooted in the world, rooted in your pride, rooted in your filthinefs lUll. Wo to you ifyou perifh in this efiate,God will hew you down as fewel for hi§ wrath, what ever mad hope you have tobe faxed by Chrift. This therefore I proclaim from the God ofTicat/en. 1.You that never felt your fell/es as unable things to beleeve, as a dead man to raifehirnfelf,you favableo- , have as yet no faith at all., z.You that would get faith, fira mull feel your inability tobeleeve : and fetch n'at this flip out of thine own garden it mull come down from Heaven to thy foul, ifever thou partakeft thereof. Other things i fhould have fpokeri of this large ,fubjeft but I am forced here to end abruptly ; the Lord lay not this fin to,their charge N 2