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2 There is a God. L/Ne-N) Plim.tik I. Nu. Hift. Rom.t. God the Being of 13 ins. Sin blows out the light of Nature. The fitft giound to prove a God. The Sincere Convert. Cakes unto; Some the wholeHeavens ' fome worfhipped the fire, fome the briftebegas fome Baal,& fome Molech.The Romans(faiti; Varro) had ó000 gods; who imprifoning the light ofnature, we aregiven $5p tofins againfl nature, either to worfhip idols, ofmans in- vention, as the ignorant : or GOD andAngels in thofe Idols,as the learned did: but thefe are all falfe Gods. I am now to prove that there is one trgeGod, the Being ofBeings,orthe firft Being.A ithougl' the proving of this Point feems needlefs, be caufc every man runs with thecry, and faith, there i5 a God ; yet few throuRhly believe this Point. Many of thechildren ofGod, who are bell able to know mensitearts, becaufe they only fludy their heart, feel this temptation, Is therea God? bitterly affaulting them fome- times. The Devil will fornetimes undermine, and feek to blow up the ftrongeft walls and bulwarks. The light ofnature indeed Thews, that there is a God ; but how many are there, that by foul fins again(' their coufci'ence,blow out and extinguifb almoft all the light ofNa- ture ? and hence though they dare not con- clude, becaufe they have fome light, though dim ; yet if they faw their heart, they might tee it fecretly ftifpeft and queftion, whether there be a God. but grant that none queftions this truth, yet we that arebuilders, nut ti not fall to a work without our main props, and pillars : It may appear therefore, that there is a God, from thefe grounds. Firft, From the works of God, Rom. 1.20. When