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The Sinccri Conveli I 3 When we fee a flately houfe, although we ke There is à d. not the man that built it, although allowe Go know not the time when it was built, 'vet will we conclude thus, Surely fome wifeArtiEcer, bath been working here : can we, whenwe behold the flately Theater of Heaven and Earth,conclude other,but that the finger,arms,1 and wifdome ofGod, bath been here,although we fee not him that is ifivilible; and although we know not the time when he began to build ? Every creature in Heaven andEarth is .a loud Preacher of this truth : Who let thofe Candles, thofe torches ofd on the Table ? Who , hung out thofe Lanthorns, in Heaven to enlighten a darkworld ? Who can make the ftatue of a nan,butone 1.vifer then the Rene out of which it ishewn ? Couldany frame a man, but one wifer and greater then man i Who taught the Birds tobuild their nells, and the Bees t.o. let up and order their Common- wealth ? Who fends the Sun poll from one end of Heaven to the other, carrying fo many thoufand bleffings to fo many thoufands of people and kingdoms ? What pOwer of man or Angels can make the leaft pileofgrafs, or put life into the leaft file, if once dead ? There is therefore a power above all created 'power, Which is Gad. Secondly, From the word of God ; There is The id. fuch a Majefty ftirring,and fuch fecrets.revea- ground to led in the word, that ifmenwill notbe wil- God prove a fully blind, they cannot but cryout, the voice ° of God,and not the voice ofman. HenceCalvin undertakes to prove the Scripture to be the B 2 WOtd