Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert., 5 it is to be hated of father, mother, friends,and There is a d. maligned every where. Is it out of 6mplicity, Go or are their brains grown crazy ? They were indeed once fools, and I can prove them all to be Solomons fools: but even fimple men have been known to be more wife for the world, after they have been made new. But billy, is it now from a flavifh fear ofhell, which works this alteration? Nothing lefs ; they abhor to live like haves in Birdewel, todo allfor fear of the whip. Fourthly, FromGods Regifter, or Notary, The fourth which is in every man ; Imean,theConfcience ground to Of Mtn whiCh telleth them there is a God : a prove and although they filence it fometimes, yet in G°d timeof thunder,or fome great plague, as Pha- raoh,or at the day ofdeath, then they are near Gods Tribunal, when they acknowledge him clearly.The fearful terrors ofconfcience prove this, which like a Bayliffarrefis men for their debts ; Ergo, there is fome Creditor to let it on ; fornetirnes like a hangman it torments men; Ergo, there is fome ffrange judge that gave it that command. Whence arife thefe dreadful terrors in men. Of themfelves? No furely, all defire to be in peace, and fo to live, and fleep in a whole skin. Comes it fromMe- lancholy ? No; for Melancholy comes on by degrees : thefe terrors of confcience furprife the foul fuddenlyat a Sermon, fuddenly after the commiffionof fome fecret foul fin. Again, melancholy fadnefs, may becured byPhyfick ; but many Phyficians havegiven fuch men over to other Phyfitians.' Melancholy fadnefs may B 3 be