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S There is a God. V ro Gad, , ir`,,ca veax ,or hell. A fecond ;pr,of.f to jcbesíis, The Sincere Convert. though not openlyagaint nature,or the light ofconfcience:God frr itesmen for incefl,Sodo- tny,felf pollution, with difmal blindnefs.Thofe atfo that are notorious- worldings,that look no hig! er than their barns, no further than thei, (hops : the world is a pearl in their eye., the3 cannot fee a God. Lastly I fufpe& thàfe men that never found out this thief this fin , that was bred and born with them, nor faw it in their own hearts', but there it lies í1i11 in fume dar. corner of their fouls , to cut their throats : there kind of men fometimes fafpe& there i. no God, O I this is a grievous fin 1 for if tic God, no Heaven, no Hell, no Martyrs, no Prophets, no Scrip, tires. Chrif} was then a horrible Tier, and an Impoflor. Other fins wrong and grieve God, andwound him, but this fin ffabs the very heart ofGod, it ftrikec at the life,and is(as much as lies in finful man) the death of God : for it faith, There it no God. Secondly,this reproveth Atheifts inprix ice, which Say there is a God, and queffion it not, but in works they deny him.He that plucks the King from his Throne,is as vile as he that faith, he is no King. Thefemen are almoff as bad as Ames fts in opinion. And of Inch duff-heaps we may fird in every corner, that in their pra- dice deny God, men that fet up other Gods in Gods room, their wealth, their honour, their pleafre, their back. and bellier to be their gods, men that make bold to do thatagainfl' this true God, which Idolatersdare not do a- Painft