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The Sincere Convert. 7 wúh an Olive-branch of peace in his' mouth., There 13 a Prayer. fometime that fpeeds well returns not God: prefently, for want of company enough to fetch away that abundance of mercy which God bath to give : The Lord ever gives them heir asking in money or money-wroth, in the fame thing or a better. The Lord ever gives his importunatebeggers their defres, ei- ther in pence by little and little, or bypounds; long he is many times beforehe gives, but payelh them well for their waiting. This is a Ufe of reproofto all Atheifts either in opinionorpratl.ife. Fief., in opinion; fuch as either conclude,or vfe í. fufpeet there is no God. Oh'hlafphemaus thoughts I Are there any fuch men ? Men I nay beafis, nay Devils, nay worfe than./Devils, A diCcove- for they beleeve and tretn6le. Yet the fool bath ryof A- faid in his heart, there is no God, Pfal. 14..1. thesfzaa Men that have little heads, little knowledge, without hearts, as fcholars fometirnesof weak brains, being guided only by theirBooks,fee- ing how things come by fecond caufrs, yet cannot raife their dull thoughts to the behold- ing ofa úr11 caufe. Great Polititians are like children, always.ftanding on their heads, and fihaking their heels againfl Heaven;thefe chink Religion to be but a peice'ofpolicy, to keep people in awe profane Perfons defirirng;o' go on in fin, without any rubor check for fin, blowout all the light of nature, withing there . were no God to punifh, and therefore willing to fufpe& and fcruple that not tobe which in- deed is. Thofe alfo that have finned fecretly, B q. though