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12 TheSincere Convert. There is a (landing, to hear the Word that thou mayf glorious only knowmore, and not that thou mays} h G affe&ed more ;soh thefe carkaffes of hol,, duties are moil odious sacrifices before God. a.A living 2. He is a livingGod,whereby he livech of God; himfelf, and gives life to all other things.Awa} then with thy dead heart to this principle oc life to quicken thee, that his Almighty power may pluck theeout ofthy Sepulchre , unloof, thy grave-cloaths, that fo thoumayíi live. 3. He is an infinite God whereby he i. ;, tin inh without limits of being, 2 Chr.6 i 8. Horn. nite God, ble then is the leaf( fin that flrikes an infinite; great God, and lamentable is the elatedal, thofe with whom this God is angry: thou haf infinite goodnefs to forfake thee, and infinite power and wrath to fee againfl thee. 4. He is an E_ternd God,without beginning or end ofbeing, Pfd.86. ì. Great therefore is the folly ofthofe men that prefer a little short pleafure before this eternal God, that like Efau fell away an everla1ing inheritance for a littlepottage for a bafe lull and the plea- fure of it f An All 5 He is an All-faf fcient God, Gen.17. t . (uffxcient What lack you therefore ? you that would God. fain have thisGod, and the love of this God, but you are loath to take the pains to find him, or to be at coil to purchafe him with the lofs, ofall ? Here's infinite, eternall,prefent fweet-' nets, goodnefs, grace, glory and mercy to be found in this God. Why poll you from mountain to hill, why fpend youyour money, your .thoughts, time, endeavours on things that , q:. An eternal "God.