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14 The Sincere Convert. There is a great day ; and read aloud in the ears ofall the glorious world. Fear to fin therefore in fecret, unlefs God, thou canfI find out fome darkhole where the eye of God cannot difcern thee. Mourn for thy fecret negled of holyduties, mourn for thy fecret hypocrifie, whoredom, prophane- rs, , I with flume in thy face come before for pardon and mercy. Admireand INN *, ill's patience, that having fan thce, hati. , or damned thee. 8. A vrtac 8. He is 4 trueGod; whereby he means to God, do as he faith.Let every childofGod therefore know to his comfort, that whatever he hath under a promife, fhall one day be all made goo,1 : and let all wicked men know, what- ever threatningGod hath denounced,whatfo- ever arrows are in the bow-thing, will one day flue and hit, and ftrike deep, and the lon- ger the Lord is a drawing, the deeper wound will Gods arrows(that is, Gods threatning make. 9. He is an Holy God ; Be not afhamed therefore ofholinefs, which ifit afcend above the common ftrain of honefly, the blind and mad world accounts it madnefs. If the rie-hteom, that is, thofe that bemolt holy, be lcarcely (aved,where fkall the so:godly And the fanner xppear ? I Pet.q..18. Where not before Saints nor Angels, for holinefs is their trade Not before the face of the Man Chrift Jefus, for holinefs was his meat anddrink,; Not be- fore the face of a bleffed God, for holinefs is his Nature ; Not in Heaven, for no unclean thing crawls there, they fhall never fee God, Chrift, Pr r ' 9. An holy God. viammaroosOrM.IroarnasaS aislanNwes.