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C 7he.Sincere Coi erta 15 Saints, Angels, or Heaven;' to. their There is a comfort that are not holy:wear therefore that !°rsct s as thy crown now whichwill be thy glory in rd.r heaven,and if this be to be vile, be more vile. L` t o. He is a juft and merciful God,.. juft in ' , 0. A jllii himfelf, and fo will punith all fn : merciful anti flier- in th,e face ofChrift, and fo will punifh 'no fin, cirui God' having already born our punifhments for them. A jufl; God againft a hard .heapted fin- ner,a merciful God towards an humble firmer. God, is not all Mercy, and no Suffice, nor all Juftice and no Mercy. Submit to him his mercy embraceth tlee. Refift him, his juftice purfues tlje.. When a child ofGod is humbled indeed, commonly he makes God a hard-hear- ted, cruel God, loath to help ; and faich,Can fuch a firmer be pardoned? A wicked man that was never humbled, makes God a God of clouts, one that (howfoever he fpeaks heavy words, yet he is a merciful God, and)will not do as he faith, and he finds it no difficult work to beleeve the greatef finmay be pardoned : conceive therefore ofhim as you have heard. Thirdly, God is glorious in his Perfons ; God is which are three, Fietherbegetting, Son begot- glorious in ten and the holy Ghoft the third Perfon , his perfons proceeding.Here the Father is called the Fa- ther of glory, Eph. z. Chrift is called the Lord ofglory, i Cor. 2. and the Spirit is called the Spirit ofglory, i Pet.4.the Father is glorious in his great work of Redemption; the holy Ghoft is glorious in his work of Application ; theFather is glorious in chuffing the houfe, the Son is glorious in buying the Houfe, the Spirit is