Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert. 19 Man mace 4. In his life, Gods Image did appear thus, inableírcd that even as God, if hehad affumed mans na- eftate. cure would have lived outwardly ; fo did Adam : for God would have lived according 4,In hl$ life. to his ownwill, law,and rule ; fo did Adam : Adams body was the Lanthorn throughwhich Holinefs like a Lamp burning in his heart,fhi- ned ; this was Gods Image, by means ofwhich (as it is laid in the defcription)he pleafed God: fimilitude being the groundof love: and hence God did moil dearly love him, 'and highly honour him tobe Lord over all creatures, no evil (continuingin that eflate)couldhurt him; here was no forrow, no ficknefs, no tears, no feares, no death, no hell, nor ever fliould have been, if there he had flood. 06:lea. Howwas this eftate ours ? Anfw. As Chrills righteoufnefs is a Be- leevcrs by imputation, though he never per- formed it himfelf: fo Adams righteoufnefs and Image was imputed to us,and accounted ours ; for Adam received our flock or Patrimony to keep it for us , and to convey it to us. Hence he proving Bankrupt, we ioa it.But we had it in his hands, as an Orphan may have a great eftate left him, though he never receive one penny of it from him that was his Guardi- an, that fhould have kept it for him, and con- veyed it to him. Here fee the horrible nature of fin, that Vfe T, plucks man down by theears from his throne The na- from his perfeaion, though mver fo great. "1" clf Adam might have pleaded for himfelf, and have laid: Although I have finned,yet it is but CZ one'