Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

20 Man gaide in ablejí'.d e{i;ate. Vfe 2. God may Curie a man if he keep not the Law. Vie 3 Mara bath ciu(e to latmcnt, Manhefore his fall was a Prince and Lord over the world, ;i he .Sincere Genvert. one and the firh fault. Lord, behold I am thy firft 'born : Oh pittymypoor pofterity, who are for ever undone, if thou forgivefl not.Yet fee, one fin weighs him down,and all his po- terity (as we £hall hear) into eternal ruin. Hence learn, how juflly God tray' require perfea obedience to all the law of every man, and curie him if hecannot perform it ., becaufe an was at frfl made in fuch a glorious eflate, wherein he bad power given him to plegfe God perfeitly God may therefore requite this dept. of perfe& obedience. Nowman is broke and in prifon, in hell he muff lye for ever, if he cannot pay juflice every farthing, becaufe God trailed himwith a flock, which ifhe bad well improved, he might have paid ail.' See what caufe every man hath to lament his miferable elate he is now fallen into ; For beggars children to live Vagrants and poor, is not fo lamentable, as for a great Princes chil- dren to become fucli ; one never in favour with the Prince, grieves not as he doth that was once in favour, but now caft out.Man is now rejectedofGod,that was beloved of God: be is now a runnagate up & down the earth, that was once a Prince &Lordofall the world. This is one aggravation of the damneds for- row; Oh the hopes, the means,the mercies that once I had l Can thefe, do thefe lament for the lofs of their hopes and commonmercies ?Lard, what hearts then have men that cannot, do not,that wil not lament the lots of fuel) fecial high favours now gone,which once they had? It is laid, that thofe that faw the gloryof the firftI