Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert, 23 fira, and (hake off the fecond ; And indeed Man made the greaten part take up this courfe, ifthey etface.rííed have no goodnefs, they fhould be the fhame, fcorn, and table-talkofthe times ; therefore every man will for his honoursfake have this Formals form. Now this form is according to the men con- mould wherein he is calf : Ifhis acquantance form to be but civil, he will be like them, iftlley be the corapa- more exa&, as to pray,read, conferre, he will ny they keep not flay one inch behind them. if to be better then his companions, to hear the bell before then-will credit him, he will be fo whatever it coil him ; but yet he never will be foexa& in his courfe as to be hated for it, unlefs he perceives the hatred he contrails from Tome) men, (hall be recompencedwith the more love; and credit by other men. He difguifeth him- felf according to the places or company he comes into. King 'oath was a good man fo1 long as yehoi1da the Prieft lived. If a little Religion will ferve to credit men that fhall1 ferve for that time ; if more in another place, you íhall then have them commending good men, goodSermons, good Books, and drop forth two or three good fentences; what will they think of him then ? they cover them- felves over with thefe Fig-leaves ofcommon honef}y, to cover their nakednefs; they bait all their courfes over with honefty, that they may catch, for they fifh only for credit. One The For- may trap thefepeoplethus : Follow them in`flUl is their private houfes, tbereisrwordlinefr a r- f hain7 o in Gods tofnefr and to their private chambers, duties. P there they ordinarily neglect or fnuffle ove dattes. C 4 duties