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22 Man Made gallants are a!fhamed to flay a mile behind the In abt`.fí`_d fafl:ion : hence they will defend open and na- ked breaf s,& ffra y ge apparel,as things come- ly_ Oh time-fervers l that have fome confci- ence to defire tobe honeíf, and to be reputed fo, yet conform themfelves to all companies ; if they hear others fwear, they are afhamed to reprove !iem ; they are afhamed to enter the lifts of holy difcourfe in bad company , and they will pretend difcretion, and we muff not call pearls before fwine, but the bottome of the bulinefs is, they are afhamed to be holy. Oh fearful l Is it a fhame to be like God ? Oh finful wretches l It is a credit to be any thing'. but religious, and with many, Religion is a'', flame. I wonder with what face thou dareft pray, or with what look thou wilt behold the Lordof glory, at thelaít day, who art afham- ed ofhim now,that will be admired ofall men, Angels and Devils then ? Doeff thou look for wages trom Chrift, that art afhamed to own Chriít,or towear his Livery. 2. It reproves them that hate holinefs,which is more then to be afhamedofit. men that 3 It reproves them that content themfelves content with a certain meafure ofholinefs Perfect th emelves wi.h rer- holinefs was Adams Image whereby he plea- tain Ines- i fedGod,and Thal a littleholinefscontent thee ? hlure oline of fs, i Now there are thefe three forts of them. 1. The formaliff,who contentshimfelf with af nd urth g r: no font holinefs as much as will credit him. The form and name ofReligion is bonos,ho- nour fometicnes ; but the power and pradice of it is onus, a burden ; hence men take up the firft, TheSincere Convert.