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2 6 f,deN,W°"\:; AnJal 6. Gods I- mage mutt be renewed 7ó be 1114e God is the 4a(hiot} of Eleaven9 an-i An- gels. How to gain the I- nabe of { God. , 7 he Sincere Convert. hence he mourns daily, becaufe Chriec is not greater gainer by him : the other out of love to himfelf,meerly to fave his own foul ; and hence he mourns for his fins, becaufe they may damn him. Remember that place therefore, i Coy. 15.silt. Laffly,labour to get this Image ofG O D re- newed again. Honeft men will labour to pay their debts ; this is Gods debt : How do men labour to be in the fafhion ? better tobe our of the world than out of the fafhion. To be like God is heavens fafhion, Angels fathion, & it will be in afhion one day, when the Lorei i 7e us fhail appear : then if thou haft the fuper- frir tion and Image of the devil, and not the Image ofGod upon thee, God and Chrift will never own thee at that day. Labour therefore to have Gods Image refcored again, and Snarls warrh out, leek not as many do,topurchafe fuch and fuch a grace firft : But, r. Labour to mortifie and fubdue that fin which is oppolite in thine heart to that grace: Firft, put off the old man, and then put on the new,'ph.4. Labour for a melting tender heart for the teafl frn.Goid is then only fit to receive the im- preflion when is is tender and is melted ; when thine heart is heated thereforeat a Sermon,cry out,Lordnow ftrike,now Imprint thine image upon me. 3. Labour to tee the Lord Jefus in his glory. For as wicked men looking upon the evil ex. ample ofgreat ones in the world, that will bear Chem out, grow like them in villany : fo the very