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The Sincere Converta 7 very beholding the glorions grace in Chrif this great Lord ofGlory,transforinethmen into this Image, 2 Cor.3. 17,18. As the Oafs fet full againft the Sun, receives not onely the beams,as all other darkbodies do, but the Im- age of the Sun ; So the underflanding with o pen face beholding Chrift, is turned into the Imageand likenefs of Chrift. Men now adages look only to the belt mens lives, and fee how they walk, and refi here ; Oh look higher to this blelfed face of God in Chrift as thine own. As the application ofthe feat to the wax, Imprints the Image : fo toview the grace of Chrift, as all thine, imprints the fame Image ftrongly on the foul. I come now to the third principal Head in order,which fhall infifi up- on out ofRom. 3.2 3 . All bave finned de- prived of theglory ofGod. CHAP. III. That all mankind isfallen byfin from that glo- rious. eflate he was made in, into a moft lvo fnl andmiferablecondition. He Devil abufing the Serpent, and man abufinghis own free-will, . overthrew A- dam, and in him all his pofterity by fin, Gen. 3. I,2,3,cPc. Now mans mifery appears in there two things. 1. His mifery in regardoffin. 2. His mifery in regard ofthe confegnences offin. r. His The third Principle. Mans mi- fery in re- gard of fin.