Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert. --,----- 3 9 Mans na i- fins there, thou art as bad as any ; mourn not fery by bts fo much meerly that thou haft finned, as that falì. thou haft a mature fo finful, that it is thy na- turc to be proud, and thy nature be vain and sinsor the deceitful, and loath not only thy fins ,bat thy heart Pr°- vole God felf for thy fin, being brim-ful ofunrig Elm- more Om ours. But here is not all , confider fOurch- the fins of , ly. the life. IV. That whatever o natural man doth, id Iv. fin as the infide is full, fo the outside is no- thing elfe but fin, at leaft in the fight ofan mils fia - holy God, though not in the fight ofblinae fuihas finful men. indeed he may do many things, coming which for the matter of them tural = arc good, as he from a na. , 2i1 may givealms, pray, fafi., come to Church,but ' as they come from him they arefin ; as a man may fpeak good words,but we cannot endure to hear him fpeak , becaufe of his ftinking breath which defiles them.: fomeadions in- deed from their general nature are indifferent, Aai for all indifference:, lye in generals ; but every wicked deliberate action confidered in Individuo, with men are all its circumftances, as rinse,p/Acc,motive,end, only evil. is either morally good,or morally evill,as may be proved eafily ; morally good in good men, morally evil in unregenerate and bad men:For let us fee particular a&ions of wicked men. x. All their thoughts are onely evil,and that Lamiights continually, Gen.6.5. 2.All their words are fins, Pfal.50.16.their 1.Word,s. mouths Are open fepulchers , which find! filthy Rorn3. 3. when they are opened. I ci it t .3. All their Civil altions are fins, as their a3tt' ions. D 4 eat-