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4° Mans mi- fery by his fall. 4.Reli:1- ousaaions Zetilous aaions. S.Wirclom 'Wicked God And a Chff% ocl- e men want a of Jove to Th e Stocerc Cotavert. eattn,th inici!ig, buying, ieuing,ifeeping, and ploughing, Prov.z 4. All their religiOUS 4Eiexs afe fins,as coming to Church, praying, Pr. I 5.8,9.28. 9. Fafhng an4 mourning : roar andcry ourof thy felf till dooms day , they are fins, /fag. 5 8. 5. All their moft .tegiora gEtions arc fins, as 7ehri, who kildall Baals Priefts ; becaufe his aecions was outwardly and materially good, therfore God rewarded himwith temporal fa- vours, but becaufe he had a Hawks eye tó get and fettle a Kingdorri-to himfelf by this means, and fo was Theologically evil, therefore God threatens to be revenged. upon him, flofta 104. 6, Their wifdom is fin. Oh, men areoften commended for their wifdorn, wit, and parts, vet thofe wits that wifdom of theirs is fin, Rom.8. The wifdono of the fief; it. enmity el- ,ds-ainfr God. Thus all they have or dó, are fins for how can he do any good aaion whofe perfon filthy ? A corrupt tree connet bring forth rood fruit ; thou artOut .)f Chrifl,theret'ore all thy good things , all thy kindneffes done unto the Lord, and for the Lord, as thou thinkeft - are (ilea odious to him. Let a woman leek to give Il the content to her husband that maybe, not out ofany love to him, but onely out of love to another man, heabhortes all that the doth. `'Every. wicked man wants an inward principle of love to God and Chrifl, and cLertfore though he leeksto honour God ne- ver