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1..7101.79B12.13.1-=, The .:S'ilcr,re Coxvert. Ver fo mrch,a1 that hedoth,beingdone out of love to himfelf, God abhorres all that heper- forms; all thegood things a wicked man dòth, are for himfelf, either for feif-credit, or felf- tare, or fell-content, or felf-fafety he fleeps, prayes, hears, fpeaks,prOfefreth for himfelf a- lone; hence afting alwayes for himfelf, he comrnitteth the highett degree of idolatry, he plucks God ,out of his Throne,' and makes himfdf a God, becaufe he makes hiinfelf his laft end inevery adlion : for a man-pilts him- Ceif in the iroom of God as wcilbi making him felf bis finif'uitix,;:.o, as ifhe fhould make hiinfelf Primana principigm. Sin is a forfaking or departing Ìfkoni God. Now every natural man remaining alwayes in a flareoffeparati on frOM God, becaufe he alwayes wants the bond of union', which is faith, hlwayes fin- ning ; Gods curie lies upon him , there- fore he brings out nOthing but bryers and thorns. Obj0 But thou wilt fay, Ifour pryingend heAring befix, vh.), fhouldwe do there dAties ? We weft- not.fin. Anf.-I.Good dutiesare good in themfelves, although coming from thy vile heart, they are fins. It is lefs fin todo them, than to omit them., therefore if thou wilt go to bell,go in the fair- eile Path thou calla in thither. Why gocd duricsmuft Venture and try,' it may be God may hear, rform- not for thy prayers fake, but for his names ;though fake. The anjaefl- 7udge hoip the pool-widow, dWOeirlfigntilinern not becaufehe loved her fuit but for ber,im- 'por- 41 Mans i - Cery by his fail. ^9 Deut,,; Objea-. f n