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I he Sincere Convert,, 43 Mans mi- frry by his z Pretext. fall. 2. Future. Mans mi- r'irif, mans prefent mìferies that already lie, fell in re- on him fin, aretheCe fevcn chat is , I gird of Firm, GOD is his dreadful Pfal 'confe- f . 5 quents, 5 Mans r e. Qeft. How may one know another tobe';fent mice his enemy ? fits. flxf, z .By their looks.2.By their threats. 3 .By a' their blows. So God, Hides his face from every natural man, and will spot lookupon hicn,lf, 5 9,2. ' 2. God threatens, nay curfeth everynatu- ral man, G4.3. Lo. 3. God gives them heavy, bloody,lateson their fouls and bodies. Never tell me therefore that Godblcfferh An our- thee 'n'thime outward, eftate ; no greaterfign warci,e- ofGods wrath, then for the Lord to give thee Rate no tthe fwing, as a Father never looks after a def Gera f perate Son, but lets him run where he pleaCes. Gods hid- And if Godbe thine enemy, then every crea- fog. ture is fo too, both in Heaven and earth. Secondly, God hAthforfaken them,and thej have loft God, Ephef.2.12. It is faid, that in the grievous famine ofSamaria, Doves dung Ifa , 55. was fold at a large price, becaufe they wanted bread. Oh l Men live and pine awaywithout God, without bread, and thereforethe dung. ofWordly contentments are efteemed fo much of,thou haft loll the fight ofGod, and the fa- vour of God, and the fpecial protedion ofj God,