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44., The Sitrcere Convert. Ma `God, and the government ofGod, Cains,pu b y his f nifhment lies upon thee in thy natural eftate, , 1 thou art a RunnAg te'from the face of God,' and from his face thou art hid. Many have grown mad to fee their houfes burnt, and all their goods loft. Oh, but : God the greatef good is loft : This lofs rhade, Saul cry out in dif'trefs ofconfcìefcc, r S4rn.28.15. The philiftims make warre againit me, andGod ù drpartedfrommc,, the lofs of the fweetnefs of whofe prefence, for a little while onely,.made the Lord Jefus 'Chrift cryout, My GQd, my God, why he thou f©rfaken me ? whereas thou haft loft God all thy life time. Oh, thou haft art heart of brats, that canft nor. mourn for his abfence fo long. The damned in hell have lufz God, and know it, and fo the plague of defparatehorror lieth upòn them;thou'haft loft God here, but krnciweft it not, and the plague ofan hard Heart lieth upon thee, thou that canft notinourn for this lofs. Thirdly, they are cò::dsmned men , con- God a demned in the Court or .rods jttftice, by the mans ° Law, which cries Treafon,treafon,againft the Judge,con. molt highGod, and condemned in the'Court (dance his ofmercy, by the Go fel, which cries Monier, accufer,the infer dc,r,againft the Son ofGod, joh.3.18. "fo worldMs jayle, loft that every natural man is damned in Heaven, his fetters, and da finned on earth. God is thy .all- feeing the word terrible Judge : Confcience is thine accufer,an his doom , heavy wit nefs This world is thy Jayle, thy death his lults are thy fetters : In this Bible is pronoun- hangman , y p fire his ced and writ thy doom, thy fentence Death torment. is thy hangman, and that fire that fhallnever I go