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The Sincere Convert. 45' goout, hy torment ; The Lord bath inhis in- finite Patience reprieved thee for a time; O take heed and geca a pardonbefore the day of execution come, Fourthly, being condemned take hirn a.y- lour,he as A bond/lavcto Saar., Eph. 2.3. for, . h fervants ye are whrn ye obey,faith CbrifL Now every, natural mandoth the devilsdrud, fiery, and carries the devils pack and how- foever be faith he defieth the Devil,yet,he fins, and fo doth his work. Satan bath overcome -and conquered all men in Adam,and therefore they are under bis bond-age and dominion. And though he cannot compel a man to fin againf`t his will,yet hehath'power. 'Firft, to prefent andailuremansheart by a fi nful temptation,. Secondly, to fellowhimwith it, if at fit-a hé be foniething fhie of it. Mans mi f y by his tail, Thirdly,to difquiet and wrack him if he wit not yedd, as might be made to appear in many inflances. 1'ourthly,befì.ds, he knowsmenshumours.,' as poor, wandring, beggarly Gentlemen do their friends in ncCcellzt in ino llansrear- yet i íem fut flatly: courtefie ) he vifits arid applies himfzlfunto udcr Sa- them, an fogains them as his own. Oh lie is ,tan. in a fearful flavery, who is under Satans do- minion; who is, ; i. A fecrrt I. Afrcret enemy to thee. en etnv. 2. A dreeitfs4l casemy to thee, that will make 2.ADe- man beleeve (as hedid Evah; even in her in- ceitfulen- tegrity) that he is in à fair way, when his con- Ill' ?tiun is rrzifeiàblz. 3.He 2.