Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert. Mans mi- and therefore thou faveli, Lord 7efs receive f'ery, by h« 'my forge, Nay, commonly then, mens hearts fail. are moll hard -and tLerefore men die like lambs, rid cry not out; then its hard pluck- ing thy foul from the Devils hands, to whom, thou haft given it all thy life by finne and it thou dolt get it back, doR thou think that God will take the Devils leavings ? Now thy day is pall, and darkneffe begins to over fpread thy lo.ul., now flocks of Devils come into'thy Chamber, waiting for thy foul, to the upon it as a Maftive Dog when the door is opened. And this is the reafon why moll mendiequiet -j! Mlft ae, ly that lived wickedly, becaufe `Saxan thenldie qicc'Y hath them as his on prey like P:rats who `f`" wickedly," let a Ship pals that is. em ty of moods the ì oot common at t 1em t st ale tic l ©a en. The Chrifians in fóme parts of the pri- mitive Church took the Sacrament every day, becaufe they did look to die every day. But thefe times wherein we live, are fo poy°toned andgluttedwith their eafe,that it a rare thin?, to fee the man that looks death fteadfaftiv in the face one hour together : but death, will laya bittedd rock on theft one day. Jr. After death they appear before the Lord T l to judgement, Hebr, íierd a;i. b y 9. 27. their bodies in- deed she îou is rot in their graves, but their fouls re- im, ;tiia,i tu4n before the Lord to judgement, Eccl. i i cordem- 7. The general judgement is at the end of ned,bdfere the World, whenboth body and foul appears God. before God, and all the world to ari anccount. But there is a particular judgement that every man meets with after this life, immediately at E the