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5 ° '1411111..111111.111.1111.11.11111 TheSincere Convert. Mum mi the end oi his life,where the foul is condemned fery by his fall. onely before the Lord. L.-,^-,.. You may perceive what this particular Particular judgement is, thus, by thefe four conclu- judge nent lions. I ,Ni thoiadie t.n 1. That every man fhould die the firit day tlf. he was born, is clear ; for the wages of fin is firfi day of We. death ; in jufttce therekne it fhould be paid of a fulfill creature as foon as he is born. 2. Chrift 2. That it fhonld be thus withwicked men, , thesaviour but that Chrift begs their lives for a feafon, of ali men 1 Tim.4. He is the Saviour of all men, (Lhat is) in this life. not/a Saviour of eternal! prefervation out of hell, but a Saviour of temporal refervation from dropping into hell. ;.Thislife, 3. That this fpace of time thus begged by .2 time foe Chrifl., is that feafon,wherein onely a man can men to make his peace with a difpleafed God, 2 Cor. tyiake peace 6. 2. with God. 4. When 4; That if men do not thus within this cut death of time, when death bath difpatched them f comes 'Clg judgment onely remains for them .., that is too lre to then their doom is read, their date of repen- Make peace with God. tance is out, then their fentence ofeverlafting deàch is paffed upon them, that never can be recalled again. And this is judgement after death, He that judgeth himfelf (faith the Apoffle, 7 Cor. II. 3 1. ) (hall not be judged of the Lord. Now wicked men will not judge and condemn themfelves in-this life, therefore Mars ids 1 at the end ofit, God will judge them. All na- after deakh tural men are loft in this life , but theymay be is irreco found and recovered again, but a mans Joffe ntable, by death is irrecoverable becaufe there is no mean!! ...c....-..............._............_