Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

5 3 , The ,$)nce7e Cenvert. 1'1'w, "- as at the Affizes ) b firft the jaylor brings the Tv y by Nis ' pi liouers our. 2. Then thy foul thall have a new light put 2.Thekull into it, whereby it fll'all fee the glorious pre- leceives '' fence of God, as prifoners brought, with guil- ntw 14uoh" ,y eyes look with terrour upon the Judge: Now rhou feeft no God abroad in the world, but then thou (halt fee the Almighty 70hov4h; whiCh fight iliali firike thee with that hellifh terrour, , and dreadfull horrour, that thou 11-ialt call to the Mountains to cover thee, Oh Rocksii?ockf,hidi mefrom tkeface oftheL4mb, Rev. 6. glr. 3. Ail Cul , 3. Then all the finnes that ever thou hail' tball come or (halt commit, fhall come frefh to thy mind, as when the prifoner is come before the face of ti thy Maid. the Judge, then his accufers bring in their evi- dence ; thy ffeepy confcience then will ,bein dead of a thonfand witneffes, and every fin then with all the circurnitances of it, fhall be fet in order,armed with Guds wrath round about thee, Pfal. 5o. 21. As Letters writ with the juice of Oranges, cannot be read un- till it be brought unto the fire, and then they appear; fò thou ianft not read that bloody Dill of indittment thy confciencebath againft thcT. n,;-n, -, but when thou {halt fiand near un- to God, a cOrfurning fire, thenwhat an hea- vy reckoning will appear ? It may be thou haft left many fins now, and goeft fo farre, and profiteft fo much, ;hat no Chriftian can ("ifcern tl:ee ; nay thou thinkeft thy felf in a fife efiate : but yet there is One leak in thy Chip that will fink thee ; there is one fecret hidden 1/4