Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

7I) -_-_______ e S incere Convert. i 5 3 1 1 1 , ihidden finne in thine heart, which thou live[ Ma'IS ini: i in, as all unfound people do, that will damn fall,, fery by Jthee. I tell thee, as foon as ever thou art 'dead and gone, then th..(ill (halt fee where the knot did hind thee where thy fin was that now bath fpoiled thee for ever, and then thou (halt growmad to think ; Oh that Inever jaw 11.3 fin I loved,lived in,plotted,perfe.'ledmine own eternall mine by ontill now, when it ù too late to amend. 4t:ffs°his 4. Then the Lord (hall take his everlafting, fare,tu farewell of thee, and make thee know ii: too. of the. NowGod is departed from thee in Anq but he may return irt mercy to thee again.; but when the Lord departs with all bi.;pati- ence to wait for theeno more, nor (hail Chrjf be offered thee any more, no fpicit o artve with the any more, and fo (hail pafs ftnue:,ce, though haply not voczliy,vt efftdually, ttpon thy foul,the .Lord faying, Depart crfeeL Thou (halt fee indeed the glory of God chat others tind,but to thy greater fOrrow (halt ne- ver tafte the fame, Lok,..e I 3. 28,, 5. Then fhall God furrender up thy for- 5 Th faken foul into the hands of 'Oevils,i.vhi, beinz Coc' thy Jaylours, muft keep thee uil the prent day I'd' , ofAccounc ; fo that as thy friends are fcr,arrib- rirc ling for thy goods, and worniesi)r thy Ll)dy D,vir fo devils (hail fcramble for thy foul. f(r. as F-r tric. foon as ever a witked man is dead, he is either ed ii 's in Heaven or in Heil. Not in Heaven, for unclean thing comes there : if in Hell, thet hdL L E 3 gmongrt,