Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

7he Sincere Convert. 59 Kingly Office in fudging the world, will la ft ,Mans happily longer then his private adminiftration ffeastnY bYl"' now (wherein he is lefs glorious) in governigo- the World. Tremble thou time-ferver,tremVe thou hypocrite, tremble thou that li veil in any fecret fin under the eye of thisJudge; thine own confcience Ltdeed {ball be a fuffici- ent witnefs agai nit thee,to difcover all thy fins at thy particular judgement, but all the world (hail openly fee thine bidden, dole courfes of darkneffe, to thine everlailing fhame at this day. 4. In regard of the fearful fentence that 4-The ren., then fhall be paired upon thee ; Depart tht.4 tfl7atile curfed creature into everlaging fire, prepared apii-Pat for the devil 121.1 Angels. Thou (halt then thce. cry out. Oh mercy, Lord! Oh a little mer- cy! No, will the Lord Jefus fay, I did indeed once offer it you, but you refufed, therefore Depart. Then thou (halt -plead. again, Lord if I mull depart, yet bleffe me before I go No, no, Depart thou curfed. Oh but, Lord, If I muff depart curled, let me go into fome good place : No, depart thou curfed into hell fire. Oh Lord that's a torment I cannot bear . but if it muff be fo, Lord, let me come out a- gain quickly ; No, depart thou curfed into ever/e-ing fire. Oh Lord, if this be thy plea- fure, that here I mull abide, let me have good company with me. No depart thou curfed in- to everlafling fire prepared for the Devil and his Angels. This fhall be thy kntence. The hearing ofwhich may make the rocks to rent, fo that, go on in thy fin and profper, defpife and L,