Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

66 Mans m i- (cry by his fa11. The fcope of know- hrs'our IletiCS) iS to he humbled. be Sincere Convert. Ty ? ifthou like1t thine elate fo well,and priz- fl me fo hule, perifh in thy mifery for ever. Oh 1 labour W be humbledday and night under this thy woful eflate. Thou art guilty of Adams grievous fin ; will this break thine heart ? No. Thou art dead in fin, and top-full of all fin ; will this break thine hear ? No. Whac.foever thou doeft,haft done, limit do, re- maining in this eflate,is fin,will this break thine heart ? No. God is thine enemy,and thou haft !oil him will this break thy heart ? No.Tbou art condemned to due eternally Satan is ;hy jaylour, thou art bound hand and foot in the bolEs of thy fins, and call intoutter darknefs; and ready every moment to drop into Hell ; will this break. thine heart ? No. Thou muff dye , and after that appear before the Lord to judgment, and then bear Gods everlafting in- fupportable wrath,which rends the Rocks,and burns down to the bottoni of hell ; Will this break thine hard heart man ? No. Then fare- well Chrift for ever, never look to fee a Chrift until thou doll come to feel thy miferyout of Chrifl. Labour therefore for this, and che Lord will reveal the Brazen Serpent, when thou art in thine own fenfe and feeling, flung to death with the fierySerpents. So I come to open the fourth principal Point. C A lf-1 P'i