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The Sincere Convert, CHAP. I V. That the Lord 7ef",is CLrift is the only means, of 1?edemption and deltverance out of this effatc. 67 Chrift our only ite- deerner. o TN whom we have redemption through his The fnrdi Principle. bloodsEph. . 7. which plainly demonfirates Chrilt the that only ite- 7efui Chrifl is the only or mans Re- dereirne:r demption and deliverance out of his bondage T-af. and m;ferable eft-ate. C,hriet And this is the Dodrine I fhall now infift Redemcr: upon. When the ifraelites were in bondage and mifery,he,fends Mores to deliver them. When they were in Baby/on., he flirred up Cyrtm to open the prifon gates to them ; but when all mankind is under fpiritual mifery,he fends the Lord Jefus,God and Man,to redeem him, Ails 4.12. Otieft. How dothChrift redeemmen out of Objet. this mifery ? Anfw. Bypaying a price for them, i Car.. An* ult. Gods mercy will be manifefied in laying 1, By poke Come, and h's jullice mull be latisFied by ha- H" mcd are recie e- vino fatisfaaion, or pricemade and paid for med. mans fin. Hence Chrift fatisfieth Gods Juff ice, firft , by ffanding in the room of all them Italy flii- whom mercy decreeth to fave. A furety fiand- ding in eth in the roomof a debtor,fieb.7. 22. As the their r"li° F 2 firft