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.- theSincere Convert. 69 Here is encouragement to the yilefl finer,1 chriitpur only 4. and comfort to the felf-fuccourlefs and loll fin- ner , who have fpent all their money, theirs time, and endeavours, upon thofe dutiesand - flrivings, that have been but poor Phyfitians of ercc,n . to them. Oh look up here to the Lord Jefus 1.3/enent. who can do that cure for thee in a moment, carne'eown which all creatures cannot do in many years.; from Ha- What bolts,what flrong,fetters ? what unruly! unto le- lulls temptations and rniferies art thou lockt lieve P"'r into'? Behold the Deliverer is conic out of Si- bcItic"is,, on, having fa tisfied juilice, and paid a price to ftcrs ranfome poor Captives, Lake 4.18. with the fin, keys of Heaven, Hell, and thy unruly heart in his hand, to fetch thee out with great mercy and flrong hand ; Who knows but thou poor prifoner of Hell thou poor Captive of the Devil , thou poor (hackled firmer, mayef be one whom he is come for ? Oh look up to him, ugh to Heaven for deliyerance from him, and be glad and rejoyce at his coming. This ftrikei terrour to them , that though, are z. there is a means of deliverance, yet they lie in Of cc rror. .their mifery, never groan, never ugh to the Lord jefus for deliverance ; nay, that rejoyce in their bondage , and dance to hell in their bolts; nay,ihat are weary ofdeliverance,that fit in the flocks when they are at prayers, that come out of the Church when the tedious Ser- mon runs fomewhat beyond the hour,like pri-. foriers out of a Jay,le , that defpife the Lord Jefustwhen he offers to open the doors, and fo let them out ofthat miferable efiate. Oh poor creatures ! is there a means of deliverance, 3 and