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. . . 68 Chrift our one)? Re . coner, I. By ra- king away he guilt ef their fin. 3.By bear- ing!he curie for fin. 4. By ma- king us per feet. Dan.9.z4. I. Chrift a Redeemer by arong hand. The Sincere Convert. fidarn flood in the room of all mankind fallen: fo Chrift ffandeth in the roopin ofall men riling, or to be reflored again. Secondly, by taking from them , in whofc room he flood , the eternal guilt of all their fins,and affurnicg the guilt of all thofe fins unto himfelf, 2 Cur. 5. 22. Hence Luther laid, Chrift was the greateft finner by imputa- tion. Thirdly, by bearing the curie and wrath of God kindled againfi fin.God is holy,andwhen he feeth fin flicking only by imputation to his own Son, he tvill not fpare him, but his wrath and curie mull he bear,Gd. 3 .1 3 .Chrift drinks up the cup of all the 'eleft at one draught, which they fliould have been lipping an drinking, and tormented with, millions of years. Fourthly, by bringing into the prefence of God perfe6t righteoufhefs, Rcm i.5.2,I. for this alro Gods juaice requiredperfection , confor- mity to theLaw,as well as (perfea fanaificg- ticn ) fuffering for the wrong offered to the Law-giver. Juflice thus requiring thefe four things , Chrift fatisfies juftice by performing. them, and fo pays the price. I. Chrift is a Redeemer by fl2rong hand. The firfi Redemptionby price is finiflied in Chrifts perfon , at his. -Kefurre6tionl : the fecond is begun by the Spirit in- mans vocation, and end- ed at the day of :jUdgment ; as money is fill - paid for a Captive in neriv, and then becaufe he cannot come to-his own Prince himhlf, he is fetcht awayby flrolig hand. Here