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To the Reader. ia-fe, he cou is them to buy the Truth. And it not od cosmic: ?Is it nyt figoodperchafe?Canyou befiowyour ;,t.r,or lay out your money better ? Ifyon,be dead in fins 'd trefpafes , Truth is theefeed of a new life,ofaheaven- birth ; Jam. r. x8. Ifyou be in any bondage, Truth can Lake you free, 7oh432. Ifcompaffedabout with enemies, kith can Aield thte , ,Pfal. 914. Ifyou be full offilthy i oughts andlais, or any impurities,the Truth canfan: .fie you, Job. 17. 17. Ifdarknefs andfaintnefs pofferJ- rfottls,Truth is lumen & pabulum animx,the light ofthefoul, Pfai.t I9.1°. 0. et us then advance our ay:fights ofTruth, and rate 5 , 1 aboveallfablunari things, andbuy it though it c(flue iis ù no Simony, it is not too dear,youcannot overvalue. Oth. It is filler to the Peace ofGod which palled) all i'ltrilanding : See how God himfelf efi-imater his word i ltruth,Pfa.T 3 8. 2. Thou hail magnitVd thy Word a- , ! le all thy Name. Whatfoever God is known by befides Word is beneath his Word. Take the whole Creation, ich is Gods name in the greateft letters, it's nothing to ,word and truth.Therefore Chrtft tells the liharifees it ter for Heaven and earth to pars, then one tittle of ? to fail. If the leafl Jod -or Tittle of the Lal.v,be od above all the world,let H4 tAkr heed of un- valui nk-he great andgloriowTruths of the Gofrel, fetal' it ; 'tawupon our hearts, that we can never r-=prke or Yeilii,',94-t'cient praife for, any truth. en can praireG:ed , irom,anal oftheirj the bleffinsrs of thefield,the Seas, God for this hvinAg°i'orie2t44where t.. the man that prai- tno-,s, for Truth, for good ks,for htgveoly Treatifes?Mid,mrirpofely lit up rhearts& voices toHeaven topla;re Godfor the riches oroleolg br.flowd upon them.ingood book! you have mens tir,0»Gods truthohe tributeof thankr is due for both; A 3 \ that , ... ,....4.