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The Sincere Convert. 77 nefs unbelief ; Oh ! time is now gone. Chviftour No, not fo, fee Ifaiah, 65. 1,2,3. All the dneI-sere- day long God holdeth out his hands to a back: fliding and rebellious people.Thy day of grace, Anfw. thy day of means, thy day of life, thy day of No time Gods ftrivingwith thee, and ftirring of thee, pa to re- fill( !ails. ceive Chriti. But if God be fo willing t6 fave,and fopro- object. digal ofhis Chrifl why doth he not give me Chrift, or drawme to Chrift ? I anfwer. What command dolt thou look for to draw thee to Chrift, but this word Come'? Oh come thou poor,forlorn,loa,blind, curled ,nothing ; I will fave thee, I will enrich thee,E will forgive thee,Twill enlighten thee, I will biers thee,I will be all things unto thee,tto all things for thee. May not this win and melt the heart of a Devil ? IL Upon what conditions may Chrift be had ? Make an exchange of what thou art or haft Avrw . with Chriftfor what Chrift is or 'lath ; and fo The c"- taking him,(like the wife Merchant the Pearl) d'ti"" thou (halt have falvation with him. coming to Chri. Now this Exchange herb in thefe four things on wht a chiefly. termes Firit Give away thy felf to him , Head, Chrift may Heart, Tongue, Body, Soul, and he will give .b be away him felf unto thee,Cant. 6.3. yea he will imemuff (land in thy room in Heaven, that thou mayll give our triumph and fay, I am already in Heaven, 0)- feives to rifled in him.I fee Gods bleifed face in Chrift; I have conquered Death,Hell,and theDevil in attift freely offers himre,f to men, but doth not force man to him. Jzirelt. him. Second.: