Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

4 ~) g~eat fruit. · Al_terwar~s he goes out ~o P/;ilippi (the , .cheife City in MAcedonj4, and on the Sabbath day, the people were g~theredtogethef ~a · company of women were reforted to- . gether, and there be prea. ched ro them : As indeed. ho1y commttnion is never without' a blc:fting; they met together on a good day, theSabbath, and for agood end they were ,rtTiet together; Now I! dNI to<:>ke the advanrageof theirmee; ting together on the Sabbath day, he call: his net, \ and hecatcheth one ~with her family) (lamely LJdiA. The·Gofpell was a fweete favour of falva.tion to,her; Here-