Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

' \ ' chur&h, but to other men: for Heu tbat created alf thing-s even the me,anefl: -creature, muft haue a providencu over all thi~gs, his pr.ovidt»ce mufi extend it felfe as large as his creation:for what is providence but a continuance ofcrea.. tion,4 preferv4tio;z ofthoft t~ings in hei»,! thAt God h4:th given to have 4 The Prophet here ef pur. pofeoppofeth theprofane co·nceirs . of them , that thinke God fits in heaven,. and lets things gQe on earth as ifhe cared not for t~em, it \Yas the fault of the bell: ~llilofophtrs to aftribe too much to-f~cond caufes. ·The Pfolmif!. her~ fhewes