Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

·•------------------------a Wi,}ced men fooles. - 3 fhe\ves that God bath a moll: particular providetJte . in every thing. Firfl: hee +]nfbnces r. • d • ll o Gods 1ets Jt o·wne 1n genera , _providence. and then hee brancheth it · I out into particulars, efpe.. cially foure, wherein hee fpecifieth Gods provi.. aencu. The firll infiance is of tbofethat waizdtr in th0 verC4 ; ,· , wildernes httngric And thir- ·ftie, verf. 4•. T h·ey cry and God reg~~:rds e/,em. The fecond is in verfe . 1 o. They that fit in d_arke.. _verf. ~o. ne!Je anti in the Jhadorv of deAtb,1Jostnd in iron, They cry 11nd th1! Lord he~treth them. ' . . The third is in the words verf. ,,.; ofthe text, F tJol~s for theit B 2 trAnf-