Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

6 Wi&kfd men fooles. And then th·e kind ofthis · . vifitation, (ickncffe. . And the-extremitiein two branches; T 19eir foul0 a!J!Jorrtt b ttll ~anner of meatu, ·and fecondly, T h(y draw neert. trJ - tile ., .g4tes,fdeath. _ ~nd then t11e carriage of .:the atfeded and ficke parties, They cry unto the , Lord i11 their dijlre ffi. And the remedis= of the vniverfalland great Phy.. · lit:ian,He fov(s them, out oftheir dijre!Je. And the manner ofthis rernedie.,Hee font his w.ord 4Hd het~/(d tluem, his operative, at)d commanding .. \VOrd, fo as U, workes with his command. Laftly,