Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

.Wicked men foeles. 7 · Lanlv, the fee that this highCommander askes for,all rhe tribute or reward that he expects, is 1 Praife, and Thttnkefgiving. oh that menUJf)u/d · therefore prttife the Lord for his goedn~ffo, andhis wondrous wqrkes for the . children ofmen, &c. So you .fee this Scrip., . ture conteines feveralpa:t: fages betweene God; and mar;t-,inmifery, and jn (/e. livcranc~.In mifery,,Gotl afflicts man for his finne, the pa1fage of man to G.o d is, hte cryts tfl God, Gods , paffage backe again~, is his 4elivtrance : and then ' his returne· ·backe againe · B 4, muft·