Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

. · ~ ... Wicked rJJen fooles. · . 1 I You krio\V a friole is fuch a one as,cannot difc.erne the difference of tl~ings, that is defective in his judgeInent ; difcerning, and judgcn1cnt, that cfpecially _ tries a foole: \vhen he cannot difce1 ne bet\vecne pearles and_peb1.1les . be- ~ tween Ie\vets)and ordina-, j· .ry bafe things, fo \vie . . ked men .are dcfet1iue in : thcirjud-gments they can- . not difccrrie aright betwecne fpirituall ;tnd hea-· venly things, and other· - things, all your \vorldly fooles he hunts afterand pla~cth his happineffe in · things meaner then himfelfe, hee takes iliadowes ~ _ for fubfiances•. . ....1 •