Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

· I 8 Wicked mtn fooles. / -- ----------------~----~ bane an end, acd they would ferue God, &c. " They pretend heaven, I but they worke to the earth-ward, like moles, they digge in the earth, they work not to the end they pret:end-to fixe to ·rhemfelues -: All 1nen how ' wittie foeuer they are o. therwife in worldly rei pects, they are butfooles. As -wefay of owles, they , can fee,out it is by night fo wic.ked men are wittie but it is in the workes .of Wicked men wittie darkenelfe they are wife in int\1c:ir ge- their IW»e gtntration, a· nerati~n. mong me,nlike themfelues but this is; not the life wherein follie, and wifedome can bedifcernedf@ \V ell,