Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

2 3 Wicked nJe» fooles. they \vill ,.to ~c fo~les, and · that in their. O\vne judge.. · ''ments if they bee not Atfreifis, if they will grant the principles ~hey pre.. tend to beleeve. I Le.t this therefore bee an aggravation in yout thoughts when you · are tempted to cotnrnit any finne, Oh ! belides that it is a tranfgreaion and re. bellion ~gainJl Goris commandem.ent, it is fo!lie i1J ' lfr4el, and . this will bee IJJ.tter~Jejfe in th'etnd. Is hee not a foolt, that Aggr:vati.. will doe that in an i nftanr, onof Linne. that hee may repent many , . · yeeres afcer? .Is hee -not a foo!i jh man ( in matter of dy-et) that will take that, that ~· ... - ~ ~-o ~ ~· ·-·