Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

Wicked men fooles . ~ 2 3 that he lhall complaine of along time ·after '! None will bee fo fosli jh in out.. · ward things. So whenwe are tempted to finne ; thinke, is it nQt follie to · doe this, \vhen the tim~ will come that I lhall wilh it undone againe, with the lotre of a lvorld if I had it to·giue? And begge of G1d tbe 3 . wifedome of the holy r B_·tegg 1 e f~f. 1 ... 1 aa Wl .. Ghoft, to judge aright ef 4ome.. · things~ the eyefalve if the Spirit of Cod, t, difterne of thiwgs that differ: to judge fpirituall riches to be belt,· and fpirituall nobilitieand excellencieto be beft, and to jttdge, of finfull cour- . fes to be bafe, how ever other-