Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

24 Wicked men foo_les. otherwife gainfull let us labo~rfer grace, The flare ifthe Lord is the 6egin.ning of n·ifedomt, thofe . that doe. not feare the Lord they haue nowifedome. : Not 4 ; 0 • And·patre not for the pa[e for vaine cenfures of wicked · thccen· h h. d d ' fures oft11e men, t ou art ln re · WiGkcd from the .practife of rcli- - \ gioJ.IS duties ar1d -from a confcionable . courfe 0f life~ why ·r Perhaps thou 1halc-:-be accounted a foole . by wl1orn? By, thofe thilt are foo/(s -indeed, in' the judgement "ofhim·whQ is wiftdome iodeea, G odhimfelfe: who would care to I . be accounted a foole of a ' foole'! We fee thefcripture here to befooles. We