Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

.------------'11~-----· .., T t~6!e, whence.• JI .... . See an vnhappy fucceffi'" Ofl of finne, that where Vn1-llppy fuccdfioit' there is tranfgrt ffion there ' vi fin. will be iniquitie, \vhen· a · rnan yeelds to lufi once_ pr~ f c ntly he breaks upon Gods due, and rhtn upon n1ans, o.nefin drawes on another, as wee fee Dav id giving \vay to one fin, it broughtano~her, iothe giving \vay to tran(grefsi. on, negletling the word of ·God, and duties_ of religi~ on prefently ano~her fol~ · lowes ne!gled: of-dutie to men. . Take heed of the be- rr. 'lje~ gin nings _of fin ne, there Takeheed. are. degrees jn Sat bans of beginfthoole from ill to \VOrfe fi!1~~~ of -till we corn e to worft of C 4 . all,_