Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

Sinne the cattfe ted ftnne~ -as Salvian faith ' \we u; thtJ!f perifhef! 6efor~ - thoN perifo~ the fentence . is upon thee, thou art a -'- dead man, God to wait for thy repe~tance pro• longs thy, dayes, but, as foqne as thou haft finned without repentance, thou ar~ a thilcl ofdeath,and as . Poyfon that ~workes · fecretly a while, yet in time it appeares ~ fo at lafl: the frr~it ·offinne will ktt. . tliath, Si» and deAth came · in toge~her :take heed-of _· all finne,it is no dallying ·- ' \ matter. Their