Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

44 Sinne the' ct~ufo ~ meate that man might delight 'tO doetb;It which is. n~celfary: for who would· care for ineate if it were not necelfary { Therefore · being necelfary Gffd hath · put delightfull tafis in meates to · draw m'n to 'the ufe ~ o£ r'hcn1-,. to pre. ~rve their being for the fcrving of him~ · Now when thefe things favour .not, \vhen the relifl1 of a manis dilleniper~d that ; he /canno~ -judge aright of . m.eats, when the ,palate is : viciated, there mull: needs · . Naturall " follo\v licknelfe, -for a :· £aufe of man cannot doe that that :' . · fickhdfe~ fhould maintaine his · firenstb,. -he cannot feed • I on the creature,_ therefore : ' r ' tlic