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of Jickweffi. -_-. 47 11/Jhorre ~nd ltJttth·4!1 mllnntrlfmeate. _ Therefore if we would maintaine thankfulnelfe to Go a) labour to thanke GtJa fo.r common bleaings, what if God lhould take a. way a mans fi:omacke~ we ·ree his fiate bereheis .si the g4tes of deAth, therefQre thanke· GtJd that he maintaines us with comforts in our pilgrimage, and' with· all that h_e gives us ftrength to take the comfort of the creature. Wee fee here ag~ine one _r.ule howto converfe wich ·them that are ficke, blclfed is beethatunderftands th~ eflate of the afllitted and ficke, ·not to take it ill to · ·fee How to converfe wttb tbc 6cke.