Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

To bldle Go~ for J appetite. ' Sinne the C4Nfo Their foul~ ~t6horreth 4/f m11n11er '-ef- meA.te , . it fhould teach us to bleffe God, n9-t only for meate - but for fiomac,ks-to eate, · it is a bleffing comn1<tn, _and therefore forgotten.It , is a double bleffing when ·God provides dayly for our outward manand then gives a fto~1ack to relifh his goodaetfe in the crea• ture, fometimes a·poorc · man wants meate,_and hath a ll:dmacke : fome· times a rich man-wants a ftomacke, when hee barhmeare, they that haue both haue cau[e to blelfe , G1d, becaufe it is a judg· ment when God takes a-v way the appetite that men , ·, 4~horrt